Moving Blog From WordPress to Octopress

I moved this blog frmo WordPress to a static site powered by Octopress and hosted on S3. Why? First, it’s more secure as there’s no need to maintain web hosting system, update WordPress, plugins, etc. In addition, cost of serving static web site from S3 should be much lower than web hosting account.

Here’s the list of resources I found useful migrating from WP to Octopress and settings up everything:

I created HTTP redirects (from old post URLs to new ones) in S3 bucket using Nathan’s very useful s3redirect tool. There was a problem though as the tool was not assigning public-read acl for redirects so I created a clone on Github fixing this.

The old comments have been migrated to Disqus. To do this:

  • Install Disqus plugin for WordPress
  • Go to plugin settings, connect with your Disqus account and and export comments to it
  • Then upload CSV mapping file or use Disqus’s Crawl tool to assign new URLs with existing comment threads. (Crawl option worked better for me.)