ELMAH for Java, Eclipse JET as a Template Engine, Etc

Wow… it’s been a while since my previous post. I’m still around but this has been a very busy year for me.

Working on a .NET project recently, I learned about ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers). My first though was “How is it possible I didn’t make a similar UI as an extension for LogDigger Connector to offer equivalent features in Java?”

To make UI for this “ELMAH for Java” extension, I needed a lightweight template engine with LogDigger compatible license (GPL 3 but also commercial use friendly). This turned out to be quite a challenge - my favorite template engines are on GPL while some others are too heavy. I really didn’t want to introduce new dependencies for LogDigger and especially didn’t want to make it heavier than really necessary. I was just getting a bit nervous….

Then I’ve found Eclipse JET - it was exactly what I needed! With JET you can compile JSP-like templates straight to Java classes. It’s super-fast, lightweight and has no external dependencies. Neat!

Now, let’s make that ELMAH for Java…

Update 2012-02-19: “ELMAH for Java” successfully completed and included as Console module with LogDigger Console v3.